About Guranteed Removals

Guaranteed Removals is the golden standard in Reputation Management and Content Removal services. We proactively assist companies and individuals in managing unfavorable brand perceptions. Over the years, we have helped thousands of businesses and individuals regain control over their online reputation

Our Purpose

Combating the negative has been more than just inspirational for us, with the spread of negative content online becoming a global phenomenon on an unprecedented scale, we have had a growing number of people and businesses turning to us for help with their brand perception and reputation issues.   

Search Engines, reviews sites, social media, forums,  as well as the traditional media turned digital are amplifying the spread of negative content mostly unwillingly. Personal information leaked online, slander, fake and negative reviews are affecting people and businesses’ reputation while distorting their brand’s perception.  

With Search Engines being the dominant source of information for shopping or background checks, it has had a devastating impact on people and businesses who are trading on their reputation for their livelihood. 

With regards to  businesses, since Google’s 2018 algorithm update, also known as the Medic/E-A-T update, the media giant has been collecting data from news websites, review sites and forums and used it to assess reputability (Trustworthiness). As a result, negative, outdated or irrelevant content can affect a company’s ability to rank in Google Search Results Pages for money keywords. Negative content can also affect their comparison shopping funnel as it may appear in search engine results at a predominant top of the page position for branded keywords.

Company History

Guaranteed Removals, was founded in 2014 on the realization of a widespread need for online privacy and reputation management services. Operating out of Burlington, Ontario, Canada, the company quickly became the world leader in online content removal. In December of 2020, Guaranteed Removals was acquired by serial tech entrepreneur David Centner of David Centner Enterprises. 

In June, 2021, GR’s corporate headquarters was relocated to Miami, Florida, while the offices in Burlington, Ontario still remain open. This move came with the goal of establishing the brand’s presence in the United States, as well as in Miami’s booming tech industry. 

In July of 2021, Guaranteed Removals completed a rebrand as Erase.com and operates under both umbrellas.

Our Code of Ethics

We believe in freedom of speech, but even more in people’s right to privacy and to be forgotten. We also support a kinder and gentler Internet where publishers regulate the use of people’s Privately Identifiable information by third parties, especially in the context of doxing, slander or any other malicious intent.

We are a reputation agency using SEO and other paralegal techniques to combat the spread of negative content on the internet. We always work within an ethical framework.

Community Support

Erase.com is passionate about giving back to those in need.

We aspire to make positive change in our community by participating in local food drives, clothing drives, and community events. 

We also offer scholarship opportunities to young adults who are passionate about making a difference in the online landscape.

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